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Welcome to Lumina Dance Company, in the heart of Ashford, where the art

of dance comes to life in a vibrant, inclusive, and friendly environment.

Our passion for dance shines through in everything we do, and we are

dedicated to nurturing the talent and creativity of our students.

At Lumina Dance Company, we are more than just a dance studio;

we are a community that celebrates the joy of movement and expression.

We welcome dancers of all ages and abilities. Our diverse range of dance

genres, including Ballet, Modern Jazz, Contemporary, Street, and

Technique & Flexibility, ensures that everyone can find their rhythm here.

One of our core values at Lumina Dance Company is placing our students

at the center of their dance journey. We encourage pupil input,

and their ideas are not just heard but valued.

We love to celebrate the talents of our students. Throughout the year, we

dance at various events, from annual shows to public displays, and charity

events there are ample opportunities for our dancers to shine.

We take immense pride in seeing our student's growth and

success. Many of our academy members have gained entrance to

universities to pursue dance studies, secured employment as professional

dancers, and even had the chance to perform with local dance companies.


     Come and be a part of our dance family,

and let your passion for

dance shine with Lumina.

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