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Terms & Conditions

Scroll down or click below to view Lumina Dance Company's Terms and Conditions. It is important this is read and understood in it's entirety before attending classes.


Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are put in place to ensure that the dance school can be run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions and keep them for your records. If you have any questions about anything stated below, please contact the dance school directly.


Dance fees are paid weekly for the first 4 weeks of class, once students have been attending for over 4 weeks payment will be requested via an emailed invoice and are paid monthly via either bank transfer or cash. If you are sending fees via bank transfer, please ensure that the students name is set as the reference so this can be easily identifiable.

Class prices are as follows-

• 30-minute classes £4

• 45-minute classes £4.50

• 1-hour classes £5

Students who take 3 or more classes a week and families with 2 or more students who attend the dance school will receive a 10% discount.

Late payment fee

All fees are to be paid by the 15th of each month. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee if this is late. The late payment fee is as

follows –

• 1-10 days late payment - Admin fee of £5

• 10 days+ late payment - Admin fee of £5 plus 20% of your monthly amount will be added on to your bill eg: Dance payment of £27,

paid 10 days late will now be £37.40 (20% off monthly fee and £5 admin fee).


We regret that refunds and deductions to fees will not be given due to the odd class being missed or holidays and illness

(please note this also includes show

rehearsals if your child has opted in to attend the annual summer show). Only under extreme circumstances would this be considered.



A full uniform list can be viewed on our website at All uniform can be purchased online

by following the below link -

The password to enter the online

uniform shop is – LDC23 Once purchased, uniform should be worn at all times and specific to the dance genre your child is attending.


When signing our enrolment form, you are asked if you give permission for your child to have their photo taken throughout class this is

often used continually for marketing and advertising purposes. Our annual dance show is also filmed and photographed.

We really hope that you can agree to this but if for some reason you do not, please ensure you mark that you do not wish for us to take photos.

Please note every student that takes part in our shows, will be filmed.

Pupil Records

We endeavour to maintain accurate Pupil Contact Details therefore Parents should inform us of any change to their details as they occur,

especially changes to mobile numbers. All information is confidential. Parents should supply an up-to-date email address that they check regularly.

This will ensure you do not miss out on important information.

Misconduct Pupils will be asked to leave without notice for any serious breach of the school’s terms and conditions

or for any other serious misconduct.

Contact information

If for any reason you need to get in touch with the dance school, please contact Millie via mobile on 07725991270,


or through The Lumina Dance Company Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Please refrain from messaging on my personal social media accounts for work purposes whilst I try to keep a good work life

balance for myself and my family – Thank you.

By enrolling your son/daughter into Lumina Dance Company you confirm that you accept the above terms and conditions.

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